Test Prep Partners with America's most trusted universities.

Educational Testing Consultants, Inc. (ETC) specializes in providing test preparation services to college and university outreach and continuing education programs, offering our partner institutions the opportunity to tailor test preparation classes to the specific needs of the communities they serve, at an affordable price, and with the assurance of quality. ETC’s select staff of dedicated professionals has unparalleled experience working with university clients to ensure that each student achieves his or her testing goals.

ETC classes are designed by current and former test item writers with years of experience - including experience writing questions for these same tests. No classes provide more insight into both the science and the art of test taking than do test preparation classes available through ETC.

ETC provides a wide range of services, from teacher training to turn-key test preparation programs. We offer contract classes for pre-selected groups as well as open enrollment classes for the community at large. Contact us to find out how ETC can help you bring quality test preparation to your university.

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